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New Modular Wheelie TOILET Heated Warm Water sink temperature (95-110 F or 35 -43 C)

This new wheelie portable toilet with a side entry door with a cleanup facility inside can fit in a temporary Construction elevator or hoist on the outside of new Condo building under construction. It fits the need for new High Rise constitution for construction workers heath and safety. This toilet is on wheels so it can be rolled to any part of a High Rise building where the construction workers are working and in need of portable toilet with a clean-up facility inside with a Heated Warm Water sink temperature (95-110 F or 35 -43 C) electric fan heater, water flush urinal and a light. as it goes through a standard 30" door. The toilet is self-contained, highly portable unit that is great for high-rise buildings or large building under construction where a toilet is not accessible. This unit meets your needs from the 1st floor to the 51st floor!

This unit is specifically designed for high-rise construction. It rolls into a temporary construction elevator or hoist mounted to the outside of the building under construction and takes the unit to the workforce to save time and money and stands up to the rigors of construction saves workers time looking for a portable toilet outside.


  • Fits in a temporary Construction elevator or hoist on the outside of new Condo under construction to get to any floor
  • Goes through a 30" standard doorway
  • Saves time and money as the workers don't have to walk outside to use a portable toilet
  • Collapsible roof to go through door ways
  • On wheels so it can be pushed to any part of the building where the workers are working
  • Chemical re-circulating “sure-flush” seat
  • Cleanup Facility inside the unit
  • Trap on bottom of bowl (flapper) stops odor
  • Able to fit in small rooms
  • Heated Warm Water sink temperature (95-110 F or 35 -43 C) to wash hands. We supply the cleanwater
  • Electrical Safety Authority approved (only 110 Volts, 15 Amps)
  • Light mounted inside toilet
  • Electric fan forced heater
  • Paper towels and Hand Sanitizer
  • Inside water flush urinal for privacy
  • Fall protection for the user while using the toilet
  • Collapsible roof to fit into a construction elevator or hoist on the side of building
  • Goes in a standard freight elevator
  • NO Environmental or Fuel Charge
  • Patent Pending Canada and U.S.A.
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Toilets must be accessible within 10 ft. of our service trucks. (our trucks have to be on solid ground year-round in order to service the units)

NEW---Elevator's or Door Ways.. COLLAPSIBLE ROOF WHEN DOWN ONLY 77.5 in. or 196.55cm...Goes almost anywhere????

Height Roof Up 85 in 215.9 cm
Width 29 in 73 cm
Depth 61 in or Wheelie 54 in 155 cm or Wheelie 137 cm
Holding Tank 30 gal 114 L
Seat Height 19 in 48 cm

SureFlush Seat Details