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NEW SLING / CRANE LIFT TOILET with Clean-up Facility inside


  • New crane lift portable toilet with a Heated Warm Water sink temperature (95-110 F or 35 -43 C) inside meets the FIVE times the maximum load (O.Reg.213/91,s.172(1)
  • The crane lift is engineered to meet the Ministry of Labour requirements for hoisting.
  • Used for high rise buildings
  • Chemical re-circulating“sure-flush”
  • Infrared heater light option or wall mounted electirc heater
  • Trap on bottom of bowl (flapper) stops odour
  • Foot pedal re-cirulating flush
  • Heated Warm Water sink temperature (95-110 F or 35 -43 C) inside unit for Clean-Up Facility
  • Cold Water sink mounted inside toilet
  • Waterless Hand cleanser and paper towels included
  • Schedule service times
  • NO Environmental or Fuel Charge
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We supply the water


Heated Warm Water sink temperature (95-110 F or 35 -43 C) CLEAN UP FACILITY
Electrical Safety Authority Approved

  • Requires 110 volt 300 Watts
  • Patent warm water heating tube
  • Infrared heat light heats the person and the seat


  • Gray water drains directly into holding tank
  • Foot pump operated with 20 gal. capacity
  • Slender design and large sink basin
  • Saves on fresh water capacity
  • Convenient option for any construct site
  • Heavy duty one-piece construction
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Toilets must be accessible within 10 ft. of our service trucks. (our trucks have to be on solid ground year-round in order to service the units)


Exterior Height 91 in 231 cm
Interior Height 82 in 208 cm
Exterior Width 43.5 in 110 cm
Interior Width 41 in 104 cm
Exterior Length 47 in 119 cm
Interior Length 41 in 104 cm
Holding Tank 60 gal 227 L
Seat Height 19 in 48 cm


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