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  • Chemical recirculating “sure-flush” toilet
  • Trap on bottom of bowl (flapper) stops odour and splash back (health and safety act)
  • Waterless Hand cleanser and paper towels included
  • Non-splash urinal standard
  • The above conforms to the minimum standard for portable toilets on construction site in Ont. However they can enforce sinks and or heaters some types are list below
  • Heat-treated aluminum door jam designed to withstand most frontal impact
  • We also have Double self contatined cold water sink units available.
  • NO Environmental or Fuel Charge

We supply the water for all sinks

COLD WATER SINKS or Heated Warm Water sink temperature (95-110 F or 35 -43 C)

Yes we have Enery Efficient Infrared Heater Light We are going GREENHeats the person & seat not the toilet ) Save Energy

Heated Warm Water sink temperature (95-110 F or 35 -43 C) Includes Heater Light in Ceiling of Toilet (Read below)

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  • Water heater tube mounted to outside of sink
  • Electrical Safety Authority Approved
  • Patent warm water heating tube
  • Canadian #2351910 USA #6628894B2
  • Requires 110 volt 300 Watts


  • Gray water drains directly into holding tank
  • Foot pump operated with 80L (20 gal.) capacity
  • Saves on fresh water capacity
  • Fits in all of our sure-flush toilets
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Number of single dispenses app. 1024
  • We supply the water

Yes we have Energy Efficient Infrared Heat Light We are going GREEN

(Heats the person & seat)Saves Evergy

  • Heats the person & seat (you feel warm)
  • This infrared heat light design allows its energy to travel in efficient way that only heats up areas in the light direct path. This means minimal energy is wasted in the process of heating up the air. For an environmentally smart and safe heat.You can't go wrong with this CSA Approved infrared heat light. (Only 300 watts 110 volts) Recommended for Heating Small Targeted areas. Spaces including bathrooms in homes after showering. Out door patio's, portable toilet. Larger units are for out door winter events,rock concerts, hockey arenas, churches and food stands to name a few.

Toilets must be accessible within 10 ft. of our service trucks. (our trucks have to be on solid ground year-round in order to service the units)

Toilet Size

Exterior Height 91 in 231 cm
Interior Height 82 in 208 cm
Exterior Width 43.5 in 110 cm
Interior Width 41 in 104 cm
Exterior Length 47 in 119 cm
Interior Length 41 in 104 cm
Holding Tank 60 gal 227 L
Seat Height 19 in 48 cm
Weight - plastic skid base 165 lbs 74.25 kg
Weight - wood base skid 189 lbs 85 kg
Side Panel Decal Area 12" x 23" 30 cm x 58 cm
Door Decal Area 16" x 21" 40 cm x 53 cm

Sure-Flush Seat Details


Fits in all of our sure-flush toilets

Can be Heated Warm Water sink temperature (95-110 F or 35 -43 C)

if electricity available

Meets mininstry guide lines

(only 3oo watts 110 volts)