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Warm-Wash Portable Sink

This completely self-contained portable warm-wash sink has a variety of applications such as classrooms, doctor’s offices, labs, preschools, hot dog stands and outdoor events. It contains two removable 10-gallon tanks for quick and easy servicing. Only the best products and materials were used in the construction of this sink!

Electrical Safety Authority Approved

  • Requires 110 volt 300 Watts
  • Patent warm water heating tube
  • Canadian #2351910 USA #6628894B2

Please Note:

  • All customers require a 20 L bottle of freshwater
  • The Health Board requires adequate cleaning facilities if there is to be any food handling at your event…and they fully endorse our Warm Water Sinks!
  • It is intended for hand washing for food preparation
Height (counter top height) 35 in 89 cm
Height (top of towel disp) 53 in 135 cm
Width 20 in 51 cm
Length 20.5 in 52 cm
Weight 98 lbs 44.5 kg