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Sure-Flush Portable Toilet with Clean-up Facilities with Heated Warm Water sink temperature (95-110 F or 35 -43 C)


  • It's a Chemical recirculating “Sure-Flush” toilet with a Trap flapper on the bottom of the bowl like the airplane toilets have.
  • The flapper door opens and closes when you flush the toilet.
  • Sink with Heated Warm Water sink temperature (95-110 F or 35 -43 C) clean up facility
  • Soap Dispenser and Paper Towels
  • Trap on bottom of bowl (flapper) stops odour and splash back (health and safety act)
  • Non-splash urinal standard
  • One single cord required 15 amp 110 volt
  • Electrical Safety Authority approved (only 110 Volts, 8 amps)
  • Energy Efficient Infrared Heat Lamp heats the person and the toilet seat
  • Or wall mounter electric fan heater
  • WE supply the fresh clean water works year round
  • Heated Warm water sink and "Sure-Flush" works year round
  • We also have two station sinks available with paper towels and soap
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