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Single Unit Free standing sink

- Deep basin, can easily wash your arm

- Self contained no plumbing required.

- On wheels can be rolled anywhere

- towel dispenser, soap container

- "hands free" foot operated pump

- 2 - 12" inch wheels for a round capability & built in handle for

easy maneuvering

- Sink can easily be used in an inside enviroment


We also have double sink units with paper towel and soap.

Height 55 in 137.5 cm
Width 21 in 52.5 cm
Depth 21 in 52.5 cm
Capacity 20 gal 100 L
Weight 40 lbs 18 kg
Weight Full 254 lbs 69 kg
Pump Capacity per stroke 2 fl. oz 29.14 ml
# of Single Dispenses 1024 1024